Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Your Greatest Critic - A Sneak Peak at Homeschooling Day by Day

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"So, can just anyone teach at a Christian school?"

The question was from my sister-in-law, a public school teacher with a Master's degree.

I don't remember how I responded to her question, but I do remember the self-doubt it prompted.

Who is qualified to teach my children?  If public and private school teachers are required to have degrees, are my kids getting jipped because I'm not an 'expert'?

What if I'm not qualified?

Naysayers abound who will question a mother's ability to educate her own children, but I believe that a homeschooling mother's biggest critic is often herself.

We moms have quite a talent for under-rating ourselves.  In a culture with degrees and formal education, is it any wonder we easily find ourselves feeling inadequate?


This is a snippet of a chapter (written by Kristy Howard) from the up-coming e-book Homeschooling Day by Day.  If you find yourself facing any doubts about homeschooling, have any how-to homeschooling questions, or just need encouragement, this book will be a great blessing to you.  To find out more, including what many of the chapters cover, check out my 'introduction' post.

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Homeschooling Day by Day is set to launch next Monday, August 12th, but in case you can't wait that long (or are just curious!) here are a  few more 'sneak peaks':


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