Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Learning History through Song with Veritas Press

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Last summer my son started asking lots of questions like "What did people do before there were shoes?" and "Where did people live before there were houses?"  That let me know that it was time to start learning history!  Being that I love the classical model of teaching, I knew that I wanted to teach him history chronologically and that I wanted to doing it by reading living books and incorporating memory work.

At the beginning of the year we started out with creation, reading stories, adding events to our timeline, and doing activities that would help him remember what we were learning.  I put the plan together, researching books to read and activities to do.  I love this kind of planning, but I was finding that it honestly just took too much time!  As we were finishing up learning about ancient Egypt, I knew that I wanted to look for another option.

What I Love About Veritas Press History

I looked at many different options and nothing quite fit what I was looking for...until I stumbled across that Veritas Press website!  Their history curriculum looked amazing!  It had all the aspects of studying history that I was looking for:

This post is part of review I have at  The Curriculum Choice.  Head on over to find out all the things I love about Veritas Press history, how we use it in our homeschool, and even a video of my son talking about what he has learned!

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