Saturday, January 11, 2014

Classical Kindergarten...Take Two

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Kindergarten Language Arts...Take Two

Kindergarten Math...Take Two

Kindergarten Science...Take Two

Kindergarten History...Take Two

Kindergarten Arts...Take Two

Compared to many of you, I am fairly new to this homeschooling thing.  It feels like I've been doing it for a long time because I always knew I would homeschool my kids, so I have had the homeschool mindset ever since my son was 2.  Really, this is my first year with a 'real' school aged child.  My son is 5, so technically this is kindergarten for him.

Just like many of you, I started the year out with a plan.  I really liked the materials we were using and the kids were learning (my 3 yr old tags along in pretty much everything that we do).  As the time for Christmas break approached, though, I noticed a change in my son.

I have always pushed my son to do well, and he has always done very well.  The past month or so he has still been learning as always, but there has been a change in his attitude.  He has been getting easily frustrated, giving up on anything that requires more than an ounce of thought.  School time began to be a time of frustration for both of us. 

I don't know if it is just a mental development change that he is going through, if this is typical of a 5-year-old boy, or if it is how I am doing the teaching (or maybe a combination of those or something completely different!), but I do know that something has to change.  Even though he does most things at a grade level or more higher than kindergarten...

I want to take a few months to bring things back to a kindergarten level.  

I don't want to miss this great age for the sake of increased knowledge.  

I want to give him things that he can accomplish confidently to show him that he can do it.  

I don't want to have his head, but lose his heart. 

This series, Classical Kindergarten...Take Two, is going to go through five subjects, talking about how I teach them, what we have been doing, and how we are making changes for the rest of the year.  I really do love all the materials we have been using, so I'm not really switching things, more so putting some of them on pause and tweaking others.

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  1. I choose classical education as it gives more structured and discipline atmosphere toward teaching and learning process. I really enjoy your series, Amy. Thank you for sharing.

    1. That's wonderful, Adelien! I'm glad you are enjoying the series. Thanks for the comment!


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