Wednesday, January 29, 2014

February Fun with A Journey Through Learning

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February brings lots of fun learning opportunities!  Usually I like to stick to systematic learning, but when holidays or special times come, it's fun to break from our usual routine.  My sponsor, A Journey Through Learning, has all sorts of great products to help you and your kids have fun learning this month!

First up in February is Groundhog Day!  My son was recently looking at a calendar and noticed those words on February 2nd and wondered what in the world Groundhog Day is.  This lapbook would be a perfect way to have fun with your kids on Feb. 2nd!

Have you been in a winter wonderland like we have for the past month?  Use it as a learning opportunity!  Take a break from your normal studies and learn all about winter with this Wonderful Winter lapbook.

 I've always loved the Olympics.  I remember being sad as a little girl because I couldn't stay up to watch the best figure skaters skate their final routine.  I'm excited to be able to share the Winter Olympics with my kids this time!  Don't miss this learning opportunity!  If you need some ideas, check out this Winter Olympics 2014 lapbook.

Honestly, Valentine's Day has never been a big deal to me.  I just don't love being told that I'm loved when someone feels like they have to =)  But, I realize how much fun this kind of holiday can be for kids!  I'm hoping to make a big deal out of this year for my little ones (they've been cutting out hundreds of hearts and taping them all over our walls and windows, so how can I deny them ;)  A Journey Through Learning has a few fun Valentine's Day products to help tie learning and celebration together!

Last of all, don't forget President's Day!  One thing that I love about the lapbooks at A Journey Through Learning is that they come with pages to read out loud to your kids (or have them read themselves) to learn about the subject covered in each lapbook piece.  It makes adding in this extra activity so easy!  Don't let lack of planning keep you from teaching your kids about the presidents this year.  This America's Presidents lapbook has everything you need! 

I hope these resources help you to have fun celebrating and learning lots of fun things in February!  If you would like, check out my full review of A Journey Through Learning lapbooks!

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