Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Classical Mamas Read - Teaching the Trivium

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Here you can find a link to each discussion we have had about Teaching the TriviumFeel free to go back and comment about previous chapters if they are ones you happen to be reading of thinking about right now.  I'd love to continue the discussion!

Teaching the Trivium - Introduction


Chapter 1 - The Transformation of Classical Education: A Biblical Vision for Homeschooling


Chapter 2 - Who Should Control Education: Parents, or the State?


Chapter 3 - Should Christians Prefer a Classroom School?


Chapter 4 - What is the Trivium?


Chapter 5 - Teaching Languages


Chapter 6 - Teaching Logic


Chapter 7 - Teaching Rhetoric


Chapter 8 - Principles for the Study of Literature


Chapter 9 - An Application of Principles for the Study of Historical Literature


Chapter 10 - Different Methods and Approaches to Homeschooling in the Light of the Trivium


Chapter 11 - The Early Knowledge Level: Ten Things to Do Before Age Ten


Chapter 12 - The Later Knowledge Level: Ten Things to Do With Children Ages Ten Through Twelve


Chapter 13 - The Understanding Level: Ten Things to Do With Children Ages Thirteen Through Fifteen


Ch 14 - The Wisdom Level: Ten Things to Do With Children Ages Sixteen Through Eighteen


Ch 15 - The Fishing Level: Education Never Stops!


Stay tuned as we continue working through Teaching the Trivium!

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  1. There is a lot to think about in chapter 3! Looking forward to starting the discussion tomorrow!


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