Monday, February 20, 2012

Lesson Plan - Week 14

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It took us two weeks to get through this lesson plan.  I guess we were out and about a little too much or something, no biggie =)

We finished up what I wanted to cover in Child's Book of Character Building the week before, and I hadn't thought ahead enough to have another book ready, so we just took the week off and reviewed past memory verses instead of doing a new one.  I guess I originally had thought that I would make up lessons to go with the other character traits that I wanted to cover, but honestly I don't feel like working on that at the moment, so I preferred getting another book.  I went ahead and ordered Wisdom and the Millers: Proverbs for Children to read through next.  Have any of you read through that with your children?  I got a few positive reviews from other people and it is listed at Simply Charlotte Mason under personal development to read after Child's Book of Character Building, so I thought I'd give it a try.  I'd love to know if you have an opinion on it!

For writing, I've been going back and forth in my head about my Good Books Copywork pages.  I am torn as whether or not to continue them.  I have thoroughly enjoyed using them, and I think they have been effective, but as Trevor is reading more and more words I really would like him to start reading sentences now.  The sentences on the Good Books Copywork pages I have made were designed for him to practice writing,  not reading though (I chose short manageable sentences for writing, but that words are not necessarily simple to read), so I'm thinking of moving to a reader and making copywork for him from there.  It would be far less work for me, since the sentences would be straight from that day's lesson, but I hate to stop in the middle of something without finishing, so I'm torn.  If we go to a reader, I think we would start with The Original McGuffey's Eclectic Primer.  If anyone has used any McGuffey books, I'd love to hear what you experience was like.  So I guess I'm leaning toward still introducing new spelling words like usual from Writing Road to Reading and using their method for teaching reading, but starting McGuffey as a reader and making copywork from there.  If any of you more experienced mommies happens to have any suggest on the matter, I'd love to hear it =)

Happy Learning!

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