Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Lesson Plan - Week 15

McG - McGuffey's Primer     FP - Forest People

Posts Outlining Activities From This Week's Lesson Plan:

This was last week's lesson plan, but things didn't happen as planned, plus Trevor and I both came down with pretty bad colds, so we covered it in two weeks instead of one.  LOVE the flexibility of homeschooling, even though I struggle with getting off schedule =)

This big change this week is that we have started using McGuffey's Primer.  So far I am absolutely loving it!  The lessons are so short, but they are actual sentences for Trevor to read, plus there is so much to talk about such as punctuation, how to change your voice when you read a question, simple comprehension questions, etc.  We are continuing to take a few spelling words from The Writing Road to Reading each week and use them to practice spelling, writing, and reading.  We review words and phonograms from previous weeks both orally and written.  Then we do our McGuffey lesson.  I think Trevor is really enjoying seeing that he can read more than stand alone words.  Lastly, he does a sheet of copywork that I created to go with the McGuffey lesson.  I really should do a post outlining exactly how we do reading and writing...maybe I'll get to that later this week =)

What are you learning in your home this week?  I'd love for you to share!

Happy Learning!

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