Monday, September 15, 2014

Sit Down with Your Kids and Talk - Scholé Everyday

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Thanks for coming back for more of our month of Scholé Everyday!   If you missed the first post which explains what's going on, take a minute to read it.  Remember, these are just going to be short posts with an idea to encourage you in the way of restful learning.

I have an interesting observation for my month of scholé.  Usually I am a pretty simple person, who leads a pretty simple life.  I purposely do not schedule too much in my days because I just don't like unnecessary business.  For some reason, this month has been jam packed!  I don't know if it just has to do with school starting again, and everybody getting a new start for fall, or what, but I am busier this month than I have been in a long time...and it's stressing me out!  It's just so funny to me that the month I want to focus on restful learning is the month that I'm extra busy.  It is making it more challenging than I thought it would be, but that only makes it more important that I'm doing this.

Today my encouragement to you (and me!) is to:

Sit Down with Your Kids and Talk

If you are like me this month (or like most of America everyday), your days get so busy that everything gets rushed and no one really has time to sit and enjoy one another.  Make time for that today!  If you are still working on school today, why don't you cut out a half hour early and just have a good conversation with your kids.  Talk about a book they are reading, their latest hobby, their friends...or anything else!  The important thing is that they feel like you really care.

I have great memories of doing nothing but sitting with my parents and just talking.  In fact, I still appreciate that my mom is willing to listen to everything that is on my mind =)

If it won't work today, I encourage you to try to sit and enjoy talking with your kids sometime this week.  Maybe you could make some hot chocolate or serve cookies, or just something to make it special!  Maybe you can sit outside and observe the leaves changing color, or maybe you will sit on your couch and just be comfy! Or maybe one morning you will gather your kids into your bed and all stay there and chat for a while...whatever works for you and your kids!

If you are purposing to incorporate scholé into your home this year, I'd love to hear from you!  Share with me what you are doing or how these ideas have impacted your homeschool and I can compile your stories in to a post.  I'd love to even have some guest bloggers if you'd like to write a whole post about how you are using scholé in your homeschool this year!  Contact me and let me know how you are doing!

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  1. For some reason my kids love to chat while washing the dishes or shopping with me. It's a great opportunity to get a chore done and have one-on-one time with a child. :-)

    1. Sara, that is great! I'm glad that you have found a time/place that works well for you to connect with your kids. Kudos, mama!


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