Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Exodus Notebooking Pages

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We have been studying Ancient History this year.  So far we have made it through Genesis and Exodus, studying the Ancient Sumerians and Ancient Egyptians as we went.  I am excited to be headed to the book of Joshua now, and beginning to study Ancient Greece!

Most days I assign a copywork page to my son, but sometimes I switch things up by doing some other sort of writing assignment.  (He is still very young and I know that he can only handle one major writing task per day, though I see him increasing his abilities all the time!)  One of the things I had him do some days was a notebooking page.

I love notebooking pages because they let your child express what they have learned creatively and without feeling like they are being tested.  When my son does copywork, I make sure that everything is copied correctly, but with pages like these I let him work without any criticism or critique.  I really just want to see if he has absorbed anything that I have read =)

I created these pages (because that's how I roll) as we went along in our studies, and I wanted to share them with you before I moved on and forgot about them!

There are three pages, each with a picture, lines to write, and a box to draw a picture in.  You could assign your child something particular to write and draw, or let them retell what they have learned in whatever way they wish.

Pages Include:

  • The Nile River
  • Baby Moses in the Nile
  • Moses and the Burning Bush

These are just pages that I created when I felt like assigning a notebooking page to my son.  I was not trying to capture each event in the book of Exodus, but if this is something that you would enjoy, I would love to make more for you!  Please let me know if these are a benefit to your family!


  1. We'll definitely use these when we reach Exodus in our Bible study or when we cycle back to Ancient history.

  2. One of the favorite things we did when the children were small and that grew them spiritually was the history of the Old Testament. We used the Greenleaf Press history course. The book is intended as a first history course for the early elementary grades, though many parents are using it with high school students. Our kids did re-enactments, our boys loved the battles, but even the difficult things like killing of women and children from the heathen nations (which God commanded), we dealt with using scripture, discuss that God is sovereign and He didn't want the influence of idol worshipers to pollute God's much to help them properly understand. We did a lot of heavy discussion but came out with insight! I fear so many parents are not teaching these very important things to their children as much anymore.
    Thank you for all you do to encourage and give excellent resources to young mothers!

    1. The Old Testament is a great teaching tool, isn't it!? We are enjoying reading and doing activities along with it like you did. Thanks for your comment, Jacqueline!


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