Friday, March 22, 2013

Let's Celebrate Spring - Trees

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This week we are taking a break from our normal studies to learn a little about SPRING!  This week we have learned about seeds and baby animals, and today we are learning about trees.  Tomorrow we will have fun doing things that most people do on Easter (egg hunt, baskets, egg decorating, etc.)

Here are some ideas if you would like to join us, either today or any day this spring!


Why do trees (and perennial flowers) wake up in the spring?

Activities for Learning:
  • Take a Nature Walk for new spring growth
    • Take a look around your yard, walk around your neighborhood, or head out to a local park and see if any trees have started to blossom.  if you have bulbs in your yard, have they started to pop up?
    • Check out this Spring Blossoms post from two springs ago.
    • If you have any blossoms, take a few and press them to use in your nature journal.
    •  Don't forget to record your findings in a nature journal!  Feel free to use this page and See my post about Starting a Nature Journal for ideas on how to use it.


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I hope you have fun learning about trees today or any day this spring!

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