Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let's Celebrate Spring - Baby Animals

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This week we are taking a break from our normal studies to learn a little about SPRING!  Yesterday we learned about seeds, today baby animals, and tomorrow we will learn about trees.  Then on Saturday we will have fun doing things that most people do on Easter (egg hunt, baskets, egg decorating, etc.)

Here are some ideas if you would like to join us, either today or any day this spring!

Baby Animals

Why do animals have babies in the spring?
  • Many birds and animals have their babies in the spring because that is when there is more food available to feed them and more hours of daylight to find food.
  • Mammals who nurse their young need the nutrients from the new-growing plants to make milk to feed their young.
  •

Activities for Learning:
  •  Make a Bird's Nest
    • Take a nature walk outside and think like a bird!  Pick up anything you see that a bird might use to build a nest.  Try to assemble your own and appreciate a bird's great skill =)
  • Go Birdwatching
    • Take a nature walk outside and bring your binoculars!  Try to see what birds are starting to pop up in your neighborhood.
    • Use this nature journal page if you'd like!  See my post about Starting a Nature Journal for ideas on how to use it.


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I hope you enjoy learning about baby animals today or any day this spring!


  1. My girls have been into birds for a few months now. I found this one amazing book on sale at Barnes And Noble and it is still one of my girls' favorites. You can see my post on it here:
    Also, I put together "science kits" for my girls that easily segue as "nature kits" when we're going out to focus on our environment. You can see our kits here:
    Just wanted to share!

    1. I remember reading your science kit post before! I think we have all that stuff, but not in a nice kit like you did =) I should do that. I'll go check out your bird book right now!


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